From my writing:

“Climbing enlightenment’s mountains,

sherpaless and lightening my load

with each step

I momentarily rest on this plateau

pondering the precipice.

Gaze at distant peaks

unknowing what lies beyond the next rise.-eweber

We all have our paths, our individual trail to tread upon as we walk this Earth. Paths unworn and unique to each of us. But I wonder, have you ever, or do you currently walk someone else’s path, trying to match their footprints?

Anyone who grew up around snow would tell you that although it seems easier at first to walk in someone else’s footprints instead of creating your own, it becomes tiring after awhile. Since everyone’s gait is different, you have to alter your own in order to come even close. You become so focused and concentrated on the other person’s imprint that as a result, you forget to look up. So you miss the way the sunlight glistens off the icicles on the tree branch, or how that individual snow flake slows and almost stops, just so you can see its unique pattern.

Like snowflakes, we all have our individual pattern, our part to play within this overall experience we call Life.

But many of us do walk, and sometimes even run, trying to match someone else’s imprint on this earth. We are often told by others what path to follow and which signs to read in order to stay focused and safely on the designated roadway.

There are those of us who rebel and do not follow the directions of others and simply choose an opposite well worn path. On the surface it gives the appearance of difference and individuality, but rebellion does not always equal freedom.

Then there are those who choose to listen to The Call. We listen with our Hearts and let our paths unfold beneath our feet with each step.

Most of us have heard “It’s not the destination but the journey that’s important.” Yet, how many of us have actually slowed down to listen to our Hearts and Souls as they tell us which way to go? And of those who listen, how many actually step forward anyway when it means facing fears and the darkness we often associate with uncertainty?

What if we choose to embrace the presence of shadows in our life, knowing that we could not see them without understanding the experience of Light? Or maybe, we could notice the moon is full and lighting our way if we could only turn our gaze upwards… Perhaps, instead of lamenting over the setting sun, we can choose to dance to the moon as it passes through our lives…

Several years back I left all that was familiar and safe and followed my Heart’s Call. That meant leaving a steady and secure paycheck with health benefits, an extensive emotional support system, and a pretty nice and quiet roof over my head. (I could walk down my front steps and see the Pacific Ocean from the street.) That Call led me to another state, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and geographically. I was suddenly in a much more chaotic and crowded living environment, having to find that quiet, creative space within amongst the outer cacophony of steady streams of people in and out and non-stop x-box car chases and gunfire, that complimented the occasional real reverberations of bullets that could be heard outside our door.

I questioned my sanity on several occasions, asking myself whether I really did listen properly to my Heart, or was I just “hearing things.” For surely I thought, my Path, if Divinely given, wouldn’t be this rough around the edges.

But when I became still, and listened again, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be in that moment. I had an affordable roof over my head that months later when I found myself alone in the house, I could still afford. I had friends around me that loved me to death and supported me emotionally and spiritually. I saw that I was Blessed with a space to paint, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

And so I painted…