From my writing:

When I dream, I dream big. We are talking about multi-billion dollar blockbusters with full color and sound and all physical sensations. I am one of those weird people that if I get hurt in my dream battling something, I wake up with physical pain in that area and sometimes bruising. I know, weird.

Well, this night was no exception. The only exception, was that while I was battling demons in my dreamscape, my partner happened to be home and was trying to sleep next to me. As I woke them with my struggling, they tried to wake me. In those few split moments between being fully immersed in the dream, and waking, I could see them coming to pull me out. And they were beautiful…

This is the poem, and that is the painting from that experience.

“Woken from my nighttime battle

Pulled back from a world not our own

Held as waves of horror dashed

Against the walls of my memory.

I could see your Spirit Warrior

Beautifully armed


Intertwined color

Of forest and earth


Humbled, I am


And safe.”-eweber