I have been working hard lately to become acquainted with my shadows and move beyond some negative energies that I have been carrying around. So, it seems fitting to share this sunrise inspired painting entitled, “The Beloved.”

A group of us one morning in Los Angeles, California made a pre-dawn trip up into the Santa Monica Mountains. We gathered along the cliffs to the ocean and each found a solitary place to witness this glorious event. I invite you to take that journey with me.

Imagine sitting alone in the dark on the ground. You can feel the remnants of Night’s dampness and chill seep into you as you wait. You can hear Ocean teasing Shore awake. You start to see a soft glow as Sun starts its walk up the back of Mountain. You can see Him getting closer and closer to Mountain’s shoulders, and then rise above Mountain’s head. You can feel Him begin to gently enclose you in His blanket of warmth. You close you eyes so you can “see” better. Sun’s grip on you tightens and all you can feel is all the darkness within you starting to catch fire and burn away. You witness that fire spread through every inch, every pore of your being. Instead of ashes, only white light is left behind. And even though your eyes are closed you can still see the light, the heat, of Sun. At some point your realize that you have joined Sun in this morning dance and you no longer feel burdened with your heavy body and you dance with all of your heart as your Soul is lifted with this rising heat. When you open you eyes, you are surprised that you have actually been turning to stay one with Sun and you now see Him in his full Glory over Ocean’s body.

And then, you go home and paint….