The dictionary defines voyage “as a course of travel or passage, especially a long journey by water, air or space”. A more obsolete definition is “an enterprise or undertaking.”

When I think of voyage, I think about new explorers who ventured into the unknown to face whatever challenges they met along the way. The sailors and navigators who pushed beyond the drawn edges of the map, even though it was written in the margins “Dragons are found beyond here…”

Right now in my life, I am definitely embarking on a Voyage of my own into the unknown. Several years ago I made a commitment to myself to delve deep within to heal some areas of my life where the ‘scar tissue’ from old wounds was limiting my range of motion/emotion in those areas. I have done that, and am in a space now where it feels like for the first time I can freely ‘travel’ spiritually & emotionally, without being weighed down. The ropes have been thrown from the moorings and my vessel is afloat and free.

As I was painting, the Soul appeared in the upper right hand corner. It seemed to almost be breaking free from some clouds, and although possibly headed toward more ‘inclement weather’ is continuing to travel unafraid, with arms stretched back, chest fully open, exposed, vulnerable, but free. We can see the bigger picture and see that beyond the immediate clouds, there is a tremendous and brilliant opening. I feel that happens to us, to me, often in Life. There are times when people will ask” How are you?” and I answer, “In the big picture I am wonderful and I know everything is unfolding perfectly. However, the little picture is a bit muddy right now.” And yes, there are times when I am knee deep and absolutely covered in it from head to toe, but then the practice becomes how to sit back and lift my face to the sun and turn the onslaught into a luscious, relaxing mud sauna. Hey, people pay lots of money and travel out of there way to experience those. I must be living right if I get to experience it in my everyday life.

This Soul in the painting seems to be using its Heart as a compass by which to steer, and is headed directly towards Light. I know that is also my main source of navigation. It has never steered me wrong even if the route takes me down a dark and narrow alley from time to time, and people all around me are yelling “Don’t go that way, it’s not ‘safe’!” This Soul is the calm and strong goddess bravely facing the turbulent seas unmoved and unafraid. It is the dragon tamer of unknown waters, the constant beauty in the rough world, the poem in the pirate’s heart. Sometimes I just need to remind myself that that is precisely who I AM as well.