From My Writing….

“For You, my Love is Boundless

For You, I am an Open House

with no glass in my windows

no doors on my hinges

You have busted me out of it all

I climbed the mountain naked

gladly on hands & feet

no part of me hidden

from You- I withhold nothing

Take it all

without You- I have no use for any of it

I don’t know if my body bleeds

from the journey

I am numb to thinking

yet every cell explodes with electric sensation

I am on fire- consumed completely

Drunk with Longing

engulfed in Radiant Love

I am alive from the Death of Reason

a glance from you

sends me into orgasmic bliss

I am insane- overflowing with Love for You

content to stumble blindly

Birthed anew each moment in Your Light

I stand on the precipice

outside of myself

ready to jump

& throw my body against the rocks below

& climb the mountain again


Because of my Love for You.”-eweber