I have this wonderful person in my life who I am honored and proud to call my friend. I met them when I first moved to Little Rock and was working in a coffee shop. He is an amazing writer and has several published works. His name is Roger, but is known as The Sonneteer.

Occasionally, I wake in the morning after posting an image of a painting the night before and find that I have been given the gift of a sonnet that he wrote about it. Today was one of those mornings, and here is his work…

MONDAY, JULY 14, 2014


for Elizabeth Weber

The moon and earth’s oceans dance, you say. Yes.

I feel that in your painting—pull, push, leap,

dive, curl, quiver, rise. And rise. How we’re blessed

with this rhythmic sway, this melding of steep

wave and vast cape of clouds—deep blue with streaks

of black and gray—and there, cresting on wave’s

spine: pearl crown of our hiding moon who seeks

love from the sea’s wet salt kiss. What can save

us? Surely this pure, passionate arclight

shimmering ocean’s dark profile allures

us with hope. Surely it shows spirit’s might

propelling through this dance, hints of azure

released through endless energy. We pause,

sense invisible stars’ glowing applause.”

Roger Armbrust

July 14, 2014


Please check out his blog at http://thesonneteer.blogspot.com/2014/07/moon-kissed.html