They Call to You to Sing


“Stones are longing for what you know.

If they had the graceful movements

Of your feet and tongue,

They would not stop laughing

Between their ecstatic dance steps and unbroken praise.

Your heart beats inside a sacred drum,

Its skin is tanned and stretched-

Our skin is live and stretched-

With the wild molecules of His Wondrous Existence.

Your mind and eyes are an immense silk cloth

Upon which all your thoughts and movements paint.

Your soul once sat on an easel on my knee.

For ages I have been sketching you

With myriad shapes of sound and light;

Now awake, dear pilgrim,

With your thousand swaying arms

That need to caress the Sky.

Now awake with your love for the Friend and Creation,

Help this Old Tavern Sweeper, Hafiz,

To celebrate.

No more enemies from this golden view-

All who have entered this holy mountain cave

Have dropped their shields and swords.”

We all cook together around a fire

Our yearning music builds.

We share our tools and instruments and plates;

We are companions on this earth

As the sun and planets are in the sky.

We are all sentries at our sacred humble posts.

The stones and stars envy the movements

Of your legs and tongue

And call to you to sing on their behalf.” -Hafiz