Early Divinations

There are times in my life when the emotional chaos is such that I consult the inner oracle.

Question posed, “How do I need to sit in this chaos so that I may see an opening in the path again?”

Coins are thrown.

Answer given: Water over Thunder: 3. Chun/ Difficulty at the Beginning

If we persevere a great success is at hand.

“The literal translation of ‘chun’ is ‘a blade of grass pushing against an obstacle as it sprouts out of the earth.’ Receiving this hexagram is a sign that beyond the difficulties and pressures that surround you, a success lies waiting. In order to bring it fully into the light, you must be patient and persevere in nonaction.

No matter how fervently one desires to resolve a situation, to intervene impatiently now will only hinder the progress of good fortune. Accept and bear with the discomfort of chaos without attempting to push it away. Allowing it to clear of its own accord, in its own time, is the only way of insuring a subsequent blossoming of success.

Hold to proper principles. In your actions, seek and respect the counsel of the Sage. Allow those whose hearts are true to assist you wherever possible; be tolerant of all others. In this way, the blessing that now lies hidden will come into the open.” – The I Ching