There is something about the beauty that the passage of time gives to a well-made textile. The worn edges, the fading of color, the exposing of weave… it has always drawn me in.

The tapestry series explores that. This interlocking of vertical and horizontal threads, of natural materials and our hands. Cloths and rugs created by the family and meant to last for generations. Years of families celebrating togetherness, fathers pacing across them waiting on births, children and grandchildren running across them in laughter.

These rugs become more beautiful with each generation. The record of each footstep witnessed. The memory of each moment celebrated in its fibers.

This series looks at the layers of existence that we build up with each passing day, as well as the wearing away of some of those layers. Memories we choose to hold on to, others we take away to make room for new experiences celebrated, adding to our story. And it is through the exploration of our past, that we may expose some weak fibers, but it also the allows the possibility of finding new patterns. The beauty is in the complexity of the interactions. The dance between the past and the present. -eweber

Tapestry I, 30″ x 30″Tapestry I 30x30 Inv#1408

Tapestry II, 30″ x 30″Tapestry II 30x30 Inv#1409

Digging Deep, 15″ x 45″Digging Deep 15x45 Inv#1415

A Conversation at Twilight, 60″ x 36″A Conversation at Twilight Inv#1421 60x36