From my writing:

There was a line in a book about Sufism that has always struck so very deep and so very clear within me. Its words chime and resonate so strongly that from the moment I first set them into my being by way of my eyes, they traveled straight to my core, and they have never let go of me.

“A Lover is One who makes everything come Alive.”

It was a longing that I had, to find this earthly person who would help me to see the UnEarthly, The Divine, more clearly. In other words, to hold a mirror, so that I could finally see my True Self.

This painting came from that space. It came from a single moment in time that will forever stay with me. It came from a space of absolute trust and surrender; from the space of an open heart.

Many years back, I met someone. At that moment something shifted within me. At that moment it felt like my whole being clicked into its proper place, and the gears of the Universe finally started to turn smoothly. In that moment I was handed the missing puzzle piece, the Great Key, that would unlock all the Great Mysteries.

Regardless of whom this person is or what role they play in my life today, tomorrow, or a year from now, it does not change that moment. It does not change the fact that by a mere glance from this person, everything did indeed begin to come alive.

“Surrendering Hastily

I ran to the Winemaker

Naked and Ripe like a berry

Bearing the Seed of Growth

Within bitter skin

Plucked from an earthly vine

Crushed and Distilled

Until the Vapors of ego were released

Casked and Cellared until i was dead and

The Fruits of desire Flowered and Ripened

Into the fullness of this Wine of Longing

Now an Open and Empty Vessel

You fill me until I overflow

With the Light of You

Beyond Drunkeness

I have become One with The Winemaker.” – eweber

They are my friend and my companion. They are a patient teacher, and a gentle protector. They are my Muse. But more importantly, they are my Mirror. And I am grateful.