From my writing:

We all have our days where we feel like we are dragging our bodies around with us all day. We are tired. Maybe the back is experiencing discomfort, or the sinuses are demanding attention…

We also have those Einsteinian (so, maybe I made up a word) days where we ponder how time could disappear from us like a raindrop hitting the surface of the ocean in one moment, and yet while we sit in that meeting we can liken ourselves to an ancient creature stopping to take a sip of water and getting entrenched in the sticky mud of time, never capable of breaking free.

Then we have our days ‘off’ when we often get caught up in running around more frantically than during a ‘work day’ as we desperately try and get all kinds of things done in the hopes that we can fit in some ‘fun’ time.

Hmmm, let me tell you about another kind of day.

According to the dictionary, “sense” is defined as “any of the faculties, as sight, hearing, smell, taste, or touch, by which humans and animals perceive stimuli originating from outside or inside the body.”

And, “grace” is defined as: “an elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action.” It is further defined under theological definitions as: “a. the freely given, unmerited favor and love of God. b. the influence or spirit of God operating in humans to regenerate or strengthen them.”

Imagine a day where from the moment you wake up, to the moment you lay your head down again, your entire experience is exactly that. Every one of your earthly ‘senses’ are filled with the Spirit of Divine.

Time becomes thick and the body disappears yet is buzzing with electricity at the same time. You can feel the energetic impact of each thought, each earthly movement. The senses become CENSING and you can smell the Fragrance on the Wind. It is an indescribable view of the Puzzle Master and all the pieces of the puzzle laid out on the Celestial Table, and in that moment, the Puzzle Master has lifted Your Piece to Thine Eye re-minding you of your Higher Purpose…

Yes, it was one of those days! I woke to the remembrance of feeling absolutely and unconditionally loved. As I got ready for work, the shower that usually was filled with thoughts of crawling back into bed was an experience of every drop of water hitting my enlivened skin. I very well might have stubbed my toe that morning too, but that is not where I chose to place my attention.

The drive to work was filled with glorious dawn and birds alighting on phone wires, following my commute, reminding me to move my gaze Upwards. The trees giggled with me as I drove underneath and as their bodies shook with laughter, they too showered me with delight as they dropped their spectacular purple blossoms upon me. I very well might have been stuck in morning rush hour traffic on Fairfax Boulevard in Los Angeles, but that is not where I chose to place my attention.

When I got to the school where I taught fifth grade, Crow called out a good morning to me, and I echoed His call back to him. I saw a grasshopper cross my path, and stopped to witness its journey across the pavement and into the grass. As it was headed towards a bush laden with fragrant blooms, I declared Grasshopper a Wise Elder, thanked Him, and sat on the grass to smell the blossoms, feel the still cool earth, and feel Sun starting his morning work of warming us all. I very might have well been looked upon strangely by my fellow ‘educators’ as they passed by me on their mad dash from parking lot to copy machines, but that is not where I chose to place my attention.

My entire day with my students was one brilliant learning adventure after another. We discussed literature and poetry. We tackled math problems and experimented with the wonders of science together. We listened to each other and shared with each other as we took risks and learned new things. I very might have well been in a small public school classroom packed with 35 fifth grade students. There may have even been bars on our classroom windows and locks on our classroom doors. We may have even witnessed a fight or two, but that is not where I chose to place my attention.

On the way home I had yet another opportunity to laugh with the trees and thank the birds for guiding my sight Upwards.

And when I got home, I painted.


Although, I very well might have been up till 2 in the morning grading 35 writing assignments, that is not where I chose to place my attention.


So, I hope that you can begin to paint your own picture, remembering that your canvass is your life.