This painting is still available for sale, and was inspired by a poem written by Hafiz. From the collection, Drunk on the Wine of the Beloved.

The Proof

“If I happen to make it over to Your street,

I would consider myself blessed to share with You my poems.


Like the color and scent of the sweet narcissus that stands out from

Other flowers, the sight of You has kept me from sleep.


Because the jewel of Your love has given polish to my heart,

It’s also clean of the rust of trouble and defeat.


My life will only be complete after I have lost it

To misfortune and given my desires away.


What have I done that was so bad that

You won’t even accept my gifts or recognize my name?


This is Hafiz, and I am standing at Your door.

Where else is there for me to go?

Where will I go, what will I do, what will I be, what will I be, what will be my plan?

I’m sick of all this sorrow and deceit.


I am the King of Hearts; ask anyone.

No one has suffered this much pain!


Here…here are Hafiz’s poems. They are proof of my devotion and my love.

I offer them in silence, and they’re all I’ve got to say.”-Hafiz