A little over 7 years ago, I had just started dating my partner. He took me to River Fest because Keb Mo was playing that night. I love Keb Mo, and at the time, he had never heard of him.

So, we battle the beer stained crowds and make our way over to the stage. We find a place near the front, but off to the side. Even with my lil’ hobbit legs, I can still see the stage. He made sure of that.

Keb Mo is playing this gorgeous steel guitar, the AR River is next to us, and this beautiful man, whom I cannot believe is with me, is standing behind me.

I begin to dance, and his hands gently circle my waist without restricting my movements. Perfection.

& my Heart lets go…


“Sway of hips

Circled by hands

Intimate dance with steel guitar

Smooth stone of blues

Skips across river

Fear slips

Heart opens

Gentle leaning

To the shelter

Of embrace”-eweber