This painting was inspired by one of Hafiz’s poems from the collection: The Subject Tonight is Love 

Among Strong Men

“My soul is like a young doe-eyed maid

With lips still bruised from last night’s divine passion

But my Master makes me live like a humbled servant

When any king would trade his throne

For the splendor of my eye

Can see.


Call it many things, give your desires polite names

If you must; mask the primal instinct from your

Reality if you cannot bear that scared edge

That will hone your ken against

The sun and earth.


Among strong men in the Tavern

I can speak a truth no one will laugh at: My heart

Is like a wild alley cat

In heat;


In every possible way we conspire to know

Freedom and love.


Forget about the common reason, Hafiz, for it only

Enslaves- there is something holy deep inside

Of you that is so ardent and awake


That need to lie down naked

Next to

God.”- Hafiz