From my writing:

This painting was inspired by a motorcycle trip into the Denver mountains. As we were traveling up this one mountain, we could see that a storm was headed our way and moving rather quickly. When we were at the top it was still bright and sunny. We looked at these cliff dwellings carved into the side of the rocks, and the sun just made everything glow with radiant light. The stone still held the heat of the day deep within, and I could see the shadows of the past climb the rock as they lived their lives under the sun.

I thought about what it must have been like to live way up here, and to climb the faces of these cliffs to get from one place to another. How much harder it would have been to live while at the same time being so much simpler in other ways. There was no questioning their belief in a god of some kind, no room to separate themselves from their environment, from the earth, from their reliance on one another to survive.

On the way down the mountain, the storm hit, and we were travelling down these winding roads in the sleet, rain, and wind. It made me think about how in that moment, there was no way for us to separate ourselves from our environment either and how much we were relying on another to survive and stay safe on our trip down. There was even some prayers sent up reconnecting us to Source a few times too. When I got home and painted this feeling, this living as one with everything, there was a tremendous sense and source of light that came through.

And this is the poem that came through….


“Sun risers

star sleepers

dwellers of rock

masters of stone.

Mineral soaked senses

living on, in, and one

with the cliffs

lifting their entire lives

in gratitude

in offering

to the heavens.” -eweber