Inspired by a poem of Hafiz from the collection, Drunk on the Wine of the Beloved

This Is the Night of Love

“This is the night of Love, and we’re closing all books.

We’re closing the door of separation, and are letting in the dawn.


O pilgrim, work hard and your heart will strengthen,

And your feet will never trip you up along the way.


O lover, I promise I’ll never turn my face away from you again,

Even if you stone me or with curses drive me away.


O friend, if you’ve given away your heart and gotten

Nothing in return, then it’s your right to bitch and to complain!


O daylight, where have you hidden my heart?

In this darkness the only dreams I have are of the night.


Hafiz says: Listen- this is what I have to say,

Love from the Beloved is like business. Sometimes there is profit

And sometimes loss, and both the good and the bad have come to stay!”-Hafiz