What is it like for you? I want to know how you sit with that duality of loving someone so much that their absence causes both rejoicing as well as ache. The ache from the departure, and the rejoicing of having someone that causes you to ache when they are gone…

Have you ever been haunted by their scent? Slept on their side of the bed, lain your head on their pillow, not washed the discarded shirt they left behind?

Can you lay in the stillness of the night and hear remnants of your conversations, echoes of their laughter, fragments of their voice?

Do they inspire poetry or prose?…

‘I close my eyes

as my fingertips

softly graze the skin

of my bare breast

I imagine this touch

is yours

and my valley floods…’

and then, do you wonder, knowing your Heart will love anyway, if they are haunted too?…

‘When I am facing my death & I write my final love poem to you, you will find it written across my soul in the strong script of my beating heart. My only hope is that you will find the strength to truly open your own heart fully to me so that you may finally read what is written there…’-ew