A Song Only a God Could Bear to Hear. I wonder what image came to mind for you, and, if you could actually describe it, or would words, in fact, fail?

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s book, The Silmarillion, he writes about the beginning of the beginning. Before darkness and light, before everything and anything. Can you imagine that? Then try to imagine that the first thing was a sound, what would it sound like? Whose ears would hear it? A sound that gestates life and gives¬†birth to light. Whose eyes would see it? A light that blinds in brilliance yet brings forth a deep warmth that is felt within. Whose heart would feel it?

Now what if that first sound was in fact an escaped moan from a longing. Perhaps a longing for creation or a yearning for connection, and are they, in fact, any different?

Now, what if, that moan was not from without, but rather, from within?¬†Would you recognize the voice of your own Soul? Shouldn’t you?

I think weather we can recognize the voice as our own, or not, the Voice still calls out, still sings, trying to connect with Home, with who we truly are.

As artists, whether we can recognize the voice as our own or not, I think it is our awareness of the wailing that drives us to write, to compose, to paint, to dance, to sculpt, to create, to be.

Perhaps it is time for us all to start to listen a bit more closely to the song our Soul’s are singing. To learn to bear the sound of our own songs and have the courage to start to dance to them…