“There is a feeling, an electricity that ignites your skin. When that zephyr calls and you can feel the god of the west wind himself urging you to take note, and quicken your pace on your path.

That space of impending change that makes you open as fully as you possibly can to the limitless possibilities that the Universe is aligning for you. That feeling of wanting to stand and watch a storm approach on the horizon. While others start to seek shelter, you move silently forward to the unknown.

It is a space lush with ripe adventure. Dare to step towards it, grasp the ripened fruit of it, and revel in the juices that escape your eager lips, running down your chin.”- eweber


From “A Year With Rilke”

Gathering God

The poets have scattered you.

A storm ripped through the stammering.

I want to gather you up again

in a vessel that makes glad.


I wander in the thousand winds

that you are churning,

and bring back everything I find.


The blind man needed you as a cup.

The servant concealed you.

The beggar held you out as I passed.


You see, I am one who likes to look for things.”