Leaf skeletons, wool roving, flower petals, hydrangea skeletons

12”h x 12”w x 12”d

Most people think of someone with a nurturing nature as being soft and gentle, but that is not the whole truth. Anyone who has truly taken on that role knows that you have to be strong, resilient, and able to fiercely protect that which you hold dear. You shield them from the harshness around them while providing a soft, warm, and comfortable space to grow.

This nest is made from leaf skeletons found on my property. Leaves that once fed the tree and have since been feeding the insects, are now these partial skeletons. Individually, they are fairly fragile, but layered, they become this hardened, seemingly impenetrable shell. Cast a light on the layers and you see their delicate inner nature. This nest looks hard on the outside, but inside is this soft space in which to grow.

The Nurturer is nestled in a bed of hydrangea flower skeletons, pointing to how even the caregiver needs to be held and that even though something shows the signs of age, they still have beauty and purpose.  The inner nest is felted wool with other leaf skeletons and dried flower petals woven into it.