Acid free tissue paper, paper clay

30”h x 60”w x 40”d

This is a large 5’ x 3’ paper wasp nest. I have always been fascinated with these paper nests that they build. How each cell is constructed as a hexagon and built off of for the next cell. The cells then become safe areas for the young to metamorphose into a wasp.

Most people will buy wasp killer and spray the nests as soon as they find them. I love how big and complex they can become if they are left alone. I wanted to create a larger than life one that viewers can interact with more intimately. Each cell was constructed with paper-mache technique and attached to the cell before it after it dried. I have many different paper wasp nests that I have collected over the years and used them for source material in structure and shape. I call this piece “Home” because within my own home, I am slowly creating each room to be a separate comfortable place to be in. I am building different areas around the property to dwell in and find comfort and peace. Areas that allow quiet reflection and the room to metamorphosis from old habits and beliefs, into new ones that better serve my growth intellectually, spiritually, emotionally, and creatively.

(While constructing this nest,  a large wasp flew into the studio and landed on it, crawled around for a bit, and flew off.)