Leaf skeletons, milkweed fluff, devil’s claw seed pod

6”h x 8”w x 8”d

These two small nests were the second ones I created in the series. As I explored and worked in my new flower beds, I found these leaf skeletons that were left behind after they fell off the trees and nourished the insects and future plant growth. There is something here about ‘nature’s time,’ how we cycle in seasons. That first winter, I was only able to collect enough materials to make these two small nests. I thought about how I would have to wait a full year to gather more decayed leaves before I could create any more, and somehow that made these two small nests even more precious to me. I wanted them to seem like a shelter that some small, warm bodied, animal could have really built, and you might stumble upon. Made from found materials on the ground and filled with the warmth and softness of downy milkweed fluff. They are nestled in the arms of a devil’s claw seed pod, holding them safely off the ground.